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Low Week Programme 2017

The Low week tour takes place Monday 24th April until Friday 28th April - lunchtime to lunchtime.
The following programme is where we will be visiting.

The tour is being organised by our Committee member Russell Chamberlain, and we are grateful to him for taking this task on.

Any queries can be sent to our Secretary Darren Moore, or to Vice President Ivan Howitt -

Low Week Tour 2017 - Wiltshire

 All Saint's Westbury

Low Week Tour 2017 - Wiltshire

 The Guild of

Clerical Ringers

80th Anniversary Tour



Tour Participants

Dale Barton

Peter & Anne Bellamy-Knights

Russell Chamberlain (non-resident)

George & Elizabeth Cringles

Nick DeKeyser

Anthony Ellis

David Eve

David Everett

David Grimwood

Ivan Howitt

Christopher & Felicity Marshall

David Marshall

John Nixon

Jon & Michelle Rose

Patrick Wooster


The Old Bell Inn

42 Market Place



BA12 9AN

( 01985-216611


Notes to the schedule

Toilets available (and open hopefully!) in the church

(GF) Ground Floor Ring

Monday 24th April

Lunch - The Hare & Hounds, Corsham. SN13 0HY

Ringing Master: Jon Rose

2.15pm-2.45pm Corsham

ST874705 (S Bartholomew) 6 23½cwt D

SN13 0DB [WC]

3pm-3.30pm Lacock (S Cyriac) 6 12-2-14 F

ST916685 SN15 2LB

4pm-4.45pm North Bradley

ST854549 (S Nicholas) 8 14-1-5 F#

BA14 0TD

Evening Prayer led by John Nixon

(Reader: George Cringles)

6pm onwards Register at The Old Bell Inn, Warminster

7pm Dinner


Tuesday 25th April

8am Breakfast

9am Departure

Ringing Master: Patrick Wooster

9.15am-10.15am Warminster (S Denys) 8 24-3-8 D

ST869455 BA12 8PH [WC]

10.30am-11am Bratton

ST914519 (S James the Great) 6 11-1-3 G

BA13 4SY

11.15m-11.45am Erlestoke (Holy Saviour) 6 9cwt G

ST965539 SN10 5TU [WC]

12noon-12.30pm West Lavington

SU006530 (All Saints) 6 12cwt Ab (GF)

SN10 4LT

1pm-2pm Lunch - The Green Dragon, Market Lavington. SN10 4AG

Ringing Master: Dale Barton

2pm-2.30pm Market Lavington

SU013541 (S Mary V) 6 13-0-22 F# (GF)

SN10 4DU

2.45pm-3.15pm Great Cheverell

ST980543 (S Peter) 6 11½cwt E (GF)

SN10 5YA

3.30pm-4.30pm Edington

ST926533 (S Katharine & All SS) 10 24-0-24 D

BA13 4QJ [WC]

4.45pm-5.30pm Westbury (All SS) 8 35-0-14 C#

ST873514 BA13 3DA [WC]

Eucharist - All Saints, Westbury

(Celebrant: Anthony Ellis; Reader: Ivan Howitt)

7pm Dinner at The Old Bell Inn


Wednesday 26th April

8am Breakfast

9am Departure

Ringing Master: David Grimwood

9.30am-10.30am Trowbridge (S James) 12 24-2-18 D

ST856580 BA14 8ES

10.45am-11.15am Steeple Ashton

ST906571 (S Mary V) 6 20-3-18 Eb

BA14 6EW

11.45am-12.30pm Bishops Cannings

SU037641 (S Mary V) 8 15-1-21 Eb

SN10 2JZ [WC]

12.30pm-1.30pm Lunch - The Bridge, Horton Rd, Devizes. SN10 2JS

Ringing Master: Peter Bellamy-Knights

2pm-2.45pm Devizes (S John B) 8 19-1-6 D

SU004612 SN10 1PA

3pm-3.30pm Devizes (S Mary V) 6 17½cwt Eb

SU005616 SN10 1DS

3.45pm-4.15pm Seend (Holy Cross) 6 14-2-5 F

ST944609 SN12 6NT

4.30pm-5.15pm Melksham

ST902637 (S Michael AA) 8 18-0-7 E

SN12 6LX [WC - nearby]

Evening Prayer led by Russell Chamberlain

(Reader: Jon Rose)

7pm Dinner at The Old Bell Inn

8pm Guild AGM


Thursday 27th April

8am Breakfast

9am Departure

Ringing Master: David Everett

9.15am-10am Longbridge Deverill

ST866413 (SS Peter & Paul) 8 12-3-0 F#

BA12 7DL

10.30am-11.15am Mere (S Michael AA) 8 23cwt D

ST810322 BA12 6DS

11.45am-12.15pm Maiden Bradley

ST803386 (All Saints) 6 13-2-7 F

BA12 7HL

12.15pm-1.15pm Lunch - The Somerset Arms, Church Street, Maiden Bradley. BA12 7HW

Ringing Master: Russell Chamberlain

1.45pm-2.15pm Horningsham

ST820414 (S John B) 6 16cwt F

BA12 7LN

2.45pm-3.30pm Frome (S John B) 8 27-1-19 C#

ST777478 BA11 1PW

3.45pm-4.30pm Buckland Dinham

ST754512 (SS Michael AA) 8 10-2-19 F

BA11 2QP [WC]

4.45pm-5.30pm Beckington (S George) 8 16-2-25 E

ST801516 BA11 6TG

Evening Prayer led by Christopher Marshall

(Reader: Nick DeKeyser)

7pm Dinner at The Old Bell Inn


Friday 28th April

8am Breakfast

9am Departure

Ringing Master: Anthony Ellis

9.30am-10am Heytesbury (S John B) 6 19-2-6 Eb

ST925425 BA12 0EQ

10.15am-10.45am Sutton Veny

ST902417 (S John the Evangelist) 6 8-2-12 F

BA12 7AP

11.05am-11.35am Corsley

ST828467 (S Margaret of Antioch) 6 12½cwt F

BA12 7QE

12noon Lunch - The Railway Inn, Station Road, Westbury. BA13 4HW




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