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Low Week Tour Posting 2019


 24 Oxford Close


Bury St Edmunds

IP28 7RP

25th January 2019





Dear Fellow Members of The Guild of Clerical Ringers


Another year has passed and it is time to let you have details of this year's Clerical Guild Low Week Annual Tour: Monday 29th April to Friday 3rd May 2019. Many thanks to Jon Rose for organizing the tour this year.


We will be based at the Sidholme Hotel in largely ‘Victorian’ Sidmouth situated on the East Devon Jurassic coastline. The ‘Sidholme’ has much to offer – beauty, comfort, elegance and history. It is a gracious Victorian mansion set in nine acres of beautiful grounds and originally built for the 6th Earl of Buckinghamshire in 1826. It trades under the name of the Christian Guild and has in recent years been fully modernized with pretty well all rooms ensuite with excellent facilities. The evening dinner at 7.00 or 7.15pm comprises three courses offering quite a wide range of choice and a vegetarian option. Breakfast at 8.00am comprises a good buffet selection along with a hot station. There are quite a number of rooms for us to choose from and please could you indicate when booking if you prefer a bath or a shower in your room (you may get both….). We should each have our own room – even if you have two beds or a double; and, of course, if you bring a partner…then doubles or twins are available. Please state your requirement clearly on the Booking Form.


Between Monday afternoon 29th April and Friday lunch on 3rd May 2019 we shall have rung at hopefully 25 Churches – a reasonable mixture of 16 x 6s 6 x 8s, 2 x10s and 1 x12. We shall never stray too from Sidmouth itself and its hinterland; although on Thursday 2nd May we will get as far as Exmouth and the Exe Estuary at Topsham. Most of the towers for the week are now booked and available and I will let you have the details when it is complete. It is planned to commence the Low Week tour by meeting on Monday 30th April in Axminster from 12.30pm onwards – a suitable hostelry is being carefully researched as we write, and then to commence our ringing on the heavy, noisy but delightful ten at Axminster Parish Church by 2.00pm.


On Tuesday 30th April it is planned to travel between Seaton and Colyton Churches by a narrow-gauge heritage tramway along the Axe Valley. We’ll book tickets in advance when we know numbers etc. Generally, the Jurassic Coast area offers many attractions and the Sidholme Hotel will have room for other family members who wish to come along. Just to add that Sidmouth offers (and within easy walking distance of the hotel) many excellent pubs and good beer…..


We shall travel by small coach on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and the Sidholme Hotel has plenty of space for cars to be left safely. Suitable pubs en route are being sought and booked for lunches during the week and menus distributed in advance as usual.


Jon has managed to negotiate a very good deal with the hotel and the costs have been based on 18 people attending for the whole week. This will give an overall cost of approximately £275 per person (this includes dinner, bed & breakfast; coach; tower fees and admin costs). As the hotel is charging a rate per person the cost will be the same for those in single occupancy rooms. If there are fewer ringers it will be more expensive and if there are more we should be able hold the figure or better it. The small extra single tramway fare is £7-00 presently but if we group book or pre-book, we should get a reduction. If you are under 15, it is much cheaper but I suspect not too many will qualify. Seemingly no reductions for OAPs!

So, if you wish to attend will you please complete the attached Booking Form and return it to me with a Deposit of £50 no later than Friday 1st March 2019 stating your room requirements. On our finalizing numbers, the final invoices will be sent out. The Deposits and Final Invoice amounts can be submitted directly to the Guild Bank Account. The details are on the Booking Form.


I am also including for your information the 2018 Accounts, the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and an Agenda for the 2019 Meeting which will be held during the Low Week Tour. If you have any comments to make about the last meeting or things you would like to put forward for the next meeting then please let me have them. Please also let me have your apologies if you will be unable to attend.


Our President's Annual Report is attached, too. This, too, will be discussed at the AGM.


There is a copy of the new Guild Directory attached. We have 2 new members and I have included their details for completeness but their membership will need to be ratified at the next AGM. If there are any errors or amendments for the Directory then please let me know.


As an advanced notice, there will be an Autumn Tour this year in the week beginning 30th September. It will be to mid and west Glamorgan with a half a dozen towers in Monmouthshire. Further details will be sent out in due course.


And finally, could I encourage you to seek out and clergy you know who are ringers and invite them to join the Guild. If you would prefer it if I wrote to them then please do let me have their details and I will invite them to join. It would be good to have their input into what we are doing and also to join in with our Tours.


I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible on the Low Week Tour and if there is anything else that I can do in the meantime then please let me know.


With all best wishes


David Everett

Secretary - The Guild of Clerical Ringers






  Guild Logo


Low Week Ringing Tour
Sidmouth & East Devon

29th April – 3rd May 2019



I would like to book ……….. place(s) on the April 2019 tour.


Please delete as appropriate:

·         I enclose a deposit of £50 per person (payable to ‘The Guild of Clerical Ringers’) or paid directly into the Guild Bank Account at

Sort Code 60-60-08 and Account No. 46659684

·         I / we will be staying all week / on the following nights

·         I would like a:

double room with bath

double room with shower

single room with bath

single room with shower

Please state any dietary or particular requirements:









Address (if it has altered in the last year):


Please return by 1st March 2019 to David Everett, 24 Oxford Close, Mildenhall,

Bury St. Edmunds   IP28 7RP or email to




 The Guild of Clerical Ringers


Wednesday 1st May 2019

The Sidholme Hotel








1) Welcome & Opening Prayer

2) Apologies for absence

3) In Memoriam – Chad Coussmaker

4) Minutes of the last AGM held on Tuesday 10th April 2018 (already circulated)

5) Matters arising

6) Election of new members

7) Finance a) Report: 2018 Accounts (already circulated)

                        b) Adoption of Accounts

8) President’s Report (already circulated)

9) Election of Officers: a) President (Anthony Ellis – 3 years in post)

                        b) Vice President (Ivan Howitt – 3 years in post)

                        c) Ringing Master (Jon Rose – 5 years in post)

                        d) Secretary / Treasurer (David Everett – 2 years in post)

                        e) Committee Member (Russell Chamberlain – 5 years in post)


10) Correspondence

11) Future Tour Programme: Low Week 2020 & Autumn Tour 2020, Low Week 2021

12) The Ringing World – Thought for the Week coordinator

13) Any other business

14) Vote of thanks and closing prayer







Annual Accounts for 2018

Item Description



Starting Balance 1st January 2018                 £1,596.52


Low Week Tour Income                      £3,838.76


Low Week Tour Expenditure - Hotel                                     £2,604.16

- Transport                              £679.70

- Tower Donations                  £392.00

- Admin                       £40.00



Website Maintenance                                                            £43.06


Sweatshirts sold                      £25.00


Donation                                 £20.00


Hotel Deposit for 2019 Low Week Tour


Total Receipts             £3,883.76


Total Payments                                                           £3,938.92


Balance as at 31st December 2018                                                                £1,541.36






 President’s Report


While 2018 may have been an eventful year for the world, the Clergy Guild did not make much of a splash! It is true that we had an excellent tour organised by David Grimwood based in the outskirts of Middlesbrough. The towers we visited in the counties of Cleveland and Durham were very varied and the Guild managed to ring as a Guild on the ten bells at Durham Cathedral. Those who came on the tour thought the standard of ringing was better than usual but we did have some very welcome guests who were a great help to us. A report of the tour was placed on our website and then printed in the Ringing World. I would dearly like someone else to volunteer to write a report of our 2019 visit to East Devon.


We seem to have given up on meeting to attempt to ring peals and quarter peals in the last the last twelve months, some of us have the chance to ring with in our home areas and I speculate whether this is a more productive activity because it does build links with the wider ringing community.


During the Tour week we discussed our role in helping the relationship between the Church and the wider ringing world. At the Central Council of Church Bellringers at Lancaster we were invited to lead a seminar on this relationship. Jon Rose and David Grimwood undertook this task and a fruitful discussion ensued. David Grimwood is in the process of preparing a paper to take forward some of the issues that arose from this seminar. At this meeting we were invited to find a speaker for the Dinner. Canon Christopher Pullin, Chancellor of Hereford Cathedral, made the long journey north and made a speech that was very well received. I am aiming to present some ideas to the Master of my local Guild about how the clerical representatives in our diocese can assist the relations between our own ringers and the local clergy. I believe that we ought to try to engage with our Associations and Guilds so that ringers have some meaningful contact with representatives of the clergy.


We continue to write with others the “Thought for the Week” in the Ringing World. I am very grateful to David Grimwood for taking over the organisation of these contributions. I know that they are appreciated because two of us have been approached by the editor of one of the County Associations to republish an article in the local newsletter. May I thank all of you who write these “Thoughts” and invite others who have not taken up a pen yet, to make a contribution.

I have only learnt of the death of one member in the past twelve months, Canon Chad Coussmaker, who lately lived in France. May he rest in peace.  (We have late news that member Matthew Baynes died on 28th September 2018. We hold his wife and 3 children n our prayers. May he also rest in peace. IRH (V.President))


At the end of April we have our annual tour which has been organised by Jon Rose. We will be based at Sidmouth, on the coast in east Devon. The itinerary is looking very interesting. I like the look of it because we will be ringing in quite a small area which means that we will not spend excessive time sitting on a bus. I do hope you will be able to come and I look forward to another successful week.

By way of an advanced notice, there will be an Autumn tour this year. We will be visiting mid and West Glamorgan with a half a dozen towers in Monmouthshire. This Tour will be in the week beginning 30th September and further details will be available in due course.


Tony Ellis - President




 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of The Guild of Clerical Ringers


Tuesday 10th April 2018


The Blue Bell Lodge Hotel, Middlesbrough

The President, The Rev’d Canon Anthony Ellis was in the Chair. The Chair welcomed everybody to the meeting and opened the proceedings with prayer.


Members Present: Tony Ellis (President), Dale Barton, Russell Chamberlain, George Cringles, David Everett, David Grimwood, Ivan Howitt, Christopher Marshall, Jon Rose & Patrick Wooster.


In attendance: Tom Lawrance


1. A period of silence was held to remember and give thanks for the life of Peter Robbins, Alwyn Jones and John Nixon, members who died since the last annual meeting. A letter was read out which had been received from Peter’s daughter.


2. Apologies were received from: Louis Baycock, Peter Bellamy-Knights, David Cawley, John Deakin, Nick De Keyser, Stanley Evans, Patrick McEune, Jennifer Mole, Darren Moore, David Parker, Lawrence Pizzey, David Sansum, Pauline Smith, James Vincent & Keith Ward.


3. 2018 AGM Minutes – The draft Minutes were presented to the meeting. David Grimwood asked that the item regarding Tower Donations be amended. He said that his proposal had been misunderstood and that he proposed that the figure should be set at £2 per rope. The Secretary apologised for this error. With this amendment David Grimwood proposed and Patrick Wooster seconded that the minutes of the 2018 AGM be accepted. This was approved nem con. There were no matters arising.


4. New Members – the following were elected as new members: Philip Banks, Paul Cubitt, Paul Hutchinson, Paul Kingdom, Paul Maybury, James Mercer, Caroline Ralph, Chris Renyard & Simon Robinson. The President said that it was great to welcome so many new members in one year and urged all to seek out members of clergy who were also ringers.


5. Finance – the Finance Report was circulated at the meeting and was approved. Thanks were given to David Everett for his work in presenting this. It was also said that this format gave clarity as to the financial viability of the Tours. The Treasurer reported that the 4 proposals made at the last AGM had been enacted and that he now had internet access to the account and a debit card to enable payments to be made more easily.




6. Election of Officers – the following were elected as Officers of the Guild.

a) President – Anthony Ellis proposed by Jon Rose & seconded by Ivan Howitt

b) Vice President – Ivan Howitt proposed by George Cringles & seconded by David Everett

c) Ringing Master – Jon Rose proposed by Dale Barton & seconded by Christopher Marshall

d) Secretary & Treasurer – David Everett proposed by Ivan Howitt & seconded by David Grimwood

e) Committee Member – Russell Chamberlain proposed by Jon Rose & seconded by David Grimwood


These proposals were all approved unanimously. Russell Chamberlain & Jon Rose will have completed their 5 year terms by the time of the next AGM.


7. Correspondence – as reported earlier we received a letter from Peter Robbin’s daughter. The Secretary also said that had had telephone conversations with Stanley Evans & David Sansum as a result of the annual mailing.


8. Future Tour Programme – after some discussion the following was agreed.


It was reported that the Autumn Tour had been a great success and David Grimwood was thanked for organising it.


The Low Week Tour 2019 would be to east Devon and west Dorset. The Tour will be based at the Sidholme Hotel in Sidmouth and Jon Rose was making the arrangements. He reported that the Hotel would want a deposit of £10 per head at least 6 months before the Tour. It was also agreed that we should make every effort to attract our younger members to attend with their families. Sidmouth is a good place for a family holiday.


After some discussion it was decided that the 2019 Autumn Tour would be to south east Wales and that Tony Ellis had agreed to organise this.


West Suffolk was suggested as a venue for the 2020 Low Week Tour and David Everett said he was willing to do some initial investigations.


It was proposed that Sussex be considered for the 2021 Low Week Tour.


9. The Ringing World – Thought for the Week


Thanks were given to David Grimwood for his organisation of these “Thoughts” and also to all of those who contribute the articles. Tom Lawrance, who was in attendance at the meeting, gave some background to these Thoughts being included in the Ringing World and that it was Hugh Lawrance who had been asked to initiate this. 3


10. The President’s Report


The President’s Report had been circulated before the meeting. There were 2 items which were discussed following on from the Report.

The President thanked all those who had sent input into the subject of the relationship between ringers and church authorities. He also thanked David Grimwood and Jon Rose for pulling that report together. There was some further discussion on the subject and it was agreed to review progress at the next AGM


11. Any other business


The President again thanked David Grimwood for his excellent organisation of this Tour to Cleveland & County Durham and also for the Autumn Tour. It had been much appreciated.

The meeting finished with the Grace.

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